Since 2023 is over in a few days, I want to recap what happened in 2023.

It is 10:44PM, and I am rushing this post out. So it won't be long, or edited. Expect a part 2 post tomorrow.


  • I made 39 posts, wow!!
    • 9 blog posts (including this one)
    • 22 dailynotes
    • 8 devlogs
    • Plus 4 blog post drafts and 8 dailynote drafts
  • I reached 123 followers on Mastodon (thank you, everyone!!)
  • Released 0 old Roblox games :')
  • Redesigned the site 3 times (1 2 3). But this one is here to stay.
  • Posted about regrets for being lazy and not posting 6 times (1 2 3 4 5 6)

Notable stuff

The Roblox Legacy Wiki has had periods of super active work and inactivity. Right now we're mostly inactive, but we've gotten a lot of super cool work done over the year. The Roblox Legacy Wiki has seen a lot of use in various old Roblox circles across the internet, and that's amazing to see. I'm grateful for everyone's support and kind wishes! And I have to say thanks to all the editors who have contributed time, effort, and knowledge:

Thank you!

I'd really like to work on it more next year, including finishing a revamp that I haven't touched since late November.

The other project I did was remaking as a way to learn the Svelte web framework and refresh my web development skills. I'd like to do more web development stuff in the future, but I have no idea what to make, hence the inactivity. Maybe things will change in 2024.

In August, I made a new effort to revive my site, and so far it's been a huge improvement. Posts aren't as active as I want them to be, but I've made tons of daily notes about different topics, and I have so many more I want to do. I'm still really happy about the whole look of the site, I think it finally looks a bit soulful and unique compared to before.

In December I got back into reading. And after Christmas, I've been making an effort to post here at least every other day. I don't think I'll keep this up for long, but I haven't run out of ideas yet and I can feel the habit of making sure to write something (even unpublished drafts) every day start to develop!

About Micrathena...

Micrathena is that new game designed for 2009+ versions of Roblox. And I haven't finished it. In fact, I haven't even touched the project since November!

But I don't want to cancel the project. I'm confident I will be working on it again very soon, and it'll come out when it comes out. I can live with on and off development, which is what's been happening.

  • I made a prototype for something completely different in July and August
  • I reworked the prototype into Micrathena in September
  • Worked on it some more in October
  • Worked on it very slightly in November
  • December: Nothing.
Screenshot of a GitHub commit graph. Some activity in July and the first week of August, then no activity for the rest of August. Activity rose before spiking in the middle of September, fluctuating throughout October. A gap, and then some activity in November. After that, nothing.
Commit history for Micrathena

Without a doubt, January will see work on this game.

Other stuff

Talking about my life is too personal even for this website. But I think a lot of the first part of this year was soulless, as were the years before it. I've only just started to have motives, hopes, and a plan for my future.

I think this really started with finishing my junior year of high school in May. I used a lot of the time in summer to reflect on things, as I finally traveled for the first time in years.

Mainly, the trip to Seattle helped set the course for my life, even if it's not heading straight for Seattle. I finally feel somewhat confident in my future, although there were still many, many bumps on the road and even at the moment. But I have hope I will make it through.

I just want to be more conscious about myself and my actions. Break free of the "autopilot" I feel like I've been going through. I picked classes I will actually enjoy, stuff that expands my mind in high school this year, rather than just accepting defaults.

I'm still not really there yet. But no matter what, I still feel like I've been slowly building myself up during the second part of this year, and in 2024, I will be the person I always wanted to be.

Happy new year, and here's to a passionate and fulfilling 2024!