Welcome to my website, not much to say rn. 馃憤

(Video Draft) Full introduction to classic Roblox gamedev with Novetus

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A tutorial on making a game in the 2009 Roblox engine from scratch. It’s the script draft for a video I plan to make.

Why I'm using the (unofficial) Youtube Music desktop app

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Maybe it’s weird I use YouTube Music in the first place? lol

Surface Pro 4 random info

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Here’s some random tips about the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 I have that I want to note down. Like random hotkeys and stuff.

Saving drafts

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Sometimes I have a fragment of a thought about something. Like my mind has a point to make, or I just have the idea for something slightly poetical or writing-y.

2 Opera 8 quirks with the simple layout

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I was testing this with Opera 8. I wasn’t sure which version the DSi browser was built on (my target when making this layout), so I just went for the lowest one, and a bit lower to be safe: Opera 8.