Short answer: I've been spending my time working on Micrathena!

I still haven't gotten into a good schedule of finding time to write blog posts. These past few weeks, the time I devote to working on projects has been spent almost completely on Micrathena. (Or, just slacking off from it). So that's why there's been a lack of "thought" (non-nerd) daily notes.

But what about tech related daily notes? "Today I Learned" posts, right? Well, I actually have been learning a lot from this project, and found several note-worthy topics. But the problem is... I've been developing this game in secret! If I make a daily note, I would have to give up aspects of the game for the sake of context (making the context more abstract would make it less clear to understand).

So, I'm still writing daily notes, I just haven't gone all the way through with releasing them yet.

But today, I have decided to just release 2 other posts I've written as-is.

  1. I need to blog more - September 28, 2023
  2. Thoughts on (it's very cool) - September 25, 2023

Oh, and about Micrathena

I should do this in a more dedicated post, but I want Micrathena's full reveal to be a bang with hopefully a trailer of footage taken from private testing with other people. But I'm excited to say that's happening really really soon! I've been spending the last few days just ironing out any multiplayer-related bugs, and it should be almost ready for other people to try playing on a server by... maybe even tomorrow! No promises, but the promised reveal should happen this week. (I've been saying that quite a bit on my Mastodon, but I think I can say it this time with almost complete confidence).

Please stay tuned for more info.