I have a lot of ideas for daily notes while my blog is collecting dust. Why? I think it comes down to being too lazy for the detail I want to put into blog posts - which ends up leaving my blog not having any blog posts. I really just need to lower my standards and write.

I made this notes section to encourage faster writing, but it makes me question how exact the separation is. Between nerd writing and non-nerd writing that is, and I do want to do more non-nerd writing. I'm not a big fan of the countless vapid blog sites by tech workers who only write about the most mundane boring things relating to, like, web frameworks or whatever. Right?

And that writing is useful, and important, but I really just want a mix of that in addition to other things.

I'm gonna start using the blog section more, even if the posts aren't as in-depth or have as many images as before. (Really, images are what costs so much time... seriously)

So basically, daily notes are primarily short nerd stuff that doesn't really have a major moral or informative takeaway, it's just... to note something down.