Nice to see you here

I am "realjame", a 18 year old high school senior. I mainly make software, websites, and games in old versions of Roblox, because why not?!

I don't feel like there is much else to say right now. So maybe check back later.

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Oh, by the way I do have a cool 88x31 button you can add to your site :D It's a scene I created in the old Roblox engine, so I regularly swap out the background to different classic maps.

Because of the auto-updating, I'd like you to link the image source directly to my website, so when I update, it'll update on every site that uses it! Don't worry, I have Cloudflare and caching and stuff, it won't hurt. And of course, you don't have to.

Hey, let me know if you add it btw!


This website uses the following icon packs: Razorback Get a website - Say no to Web3 - Keep the web free sizeof(cat) - Search - The web is yours Dreamcast ashiecorner zencorner Cadence Now! The Old Net

All these websites are very cool and ran by cool people. Check them out!

Also a bunch of websites I like that don't have their own banner:

Shoutout to this article by Justin Jackson: "I'm a fucking webmaster". This article is the reason I label myself a "webmaster" on Mastodon/Twitter, lol. It's a cool title!

Shoutout to Kugee from Razorback - nothing specific, just probably my favorite website on the internet in its passion, creativity, motivation, and unique focus, as well as the services it provides. It is the ultimate "personal website", and I love it for that. Razorback

Big shoutout to It's what pushed me to create a website in 2021, and was my introduction to working with Linux servers and making websites. Although I also set up an e-mail server using the guide and I learned how painful it is to maintain that. I guess that was a learning experience...? Get a website -

Shoutout to Simon Willison's website -, I love the minimalism design with the "tasteful" use of purple. But more specifically, his "TILs" section is what inspired the Daily Notes on my site.

Shoutout to Zenith and Ashie for making an EXTREMELY PRETTY looking website design, with the colors, gradients, shadows, and layout. It's all so good, I had to steal it! It was (blatantly) my biggest inspiration in this redesign. ashiecorner zencorner

I'd also like to give Nick64 the most special thanks for being a very good friend of mine and motivating me to keep improving my website and being active on it, as he is always doing with his. He posts far, FAR more than I do and has a beautiful website design. If you love the PSP, you will enjoy his blog.

Some lists

The specs of my main computer, a gaming laptop:

Lenovo Legion 7i Gen 6
Windows 11 / Fedora Linux
Intel Core i7 11800H
NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Laptop GPU

I've had this laptop for 2 years, and will definitely last me through college at least. Extremely powerful, perfect for gaming or rendering video. I don't like the average gaming laptop, but this thing isn't flashy at all. I love laptops in general though - it's fun to put my favorite stickers on the lid :))

My hardware:

Type Name Model
Petaltail Lenovo Legion 7i Gen 6
Clubtail Alienware Aurora R7
Spiketail Vultr VPS server
Dragonlet Google Pixel 6 Pro
N/A Google Pixel Watch
Amberwing Kindle Voyage
Flameskimmer Nintendo DSi, red
N/A Sega Dreamcast (GD-EMU modded)
Spotwing Kindle Fire HD 10 Gen 7
Whitetail Nintendo Wii
Saddlebag Nintendo Wii U, black
Jewelwing New Nintendo 3DS XL, Galaxy Style
N/A Game Boy Color
unnamed Nokia 2780
unnamed iPod Nano Gen 5, purple
N/A Compaq MV5500 (CRT monitor)
Ringtail Steam Deck
unnamed Samsung Chromebook 4
unnamed 2005 iPod Mini, silver (upgraded to 32GB)

I own a lot of random hardware. Some of it formerly belonged to my parents or older siblings, and some of it I've worked very hard to pursue and get (CRT and Dreamcast), but all of it was gathered over the course of years. The hardware spans from the 2020s to the late 90s, but I manage to find a use for everything.

Some notes:

  • The Aurora R7 has Debian installed and is acting as a home server, I host Minecraft Better Than Adventure on it for me and my friends :DD
  • The iPod Mini was upgraded with a new battery and a SD card slot, I also installed the Rockbox custom firmware. I put in a 32GB SD as that's all I had, but I could expand it in the future. I love iPods so much!!! This thing is a daily driver for me, I use it in the car, at school, biking, wherever.
  • The Kindle e-reader is jailbroken with KOReader installed.
  • The DSi is my favorite handheld in terms of design. Although it's fun to emulate Switch games on my Steam Deck, so that sees more use.
  • The Dreamcast was lended to me by Nick64, god bless this man. I replaced the failing disc drive with a GD-EMU, which can load games from an SD card.
  • The Kindle Fire tablet has LineageOS installed, but I'm not exactly sure what to do with it right now.
  • The Wii is awesome. I'm planning to make an alternate version of my site designed for the Wii web browser, as well as making my own homebrew!!
  • I don't really like the 3DS... it feels too cheap and plastic-y compared to the sleek matte of the DSi line.
  • The Oneplus 6T is being lended to my friend for use with Kali NetHunter hacking tools >:)
  • The iPod Nano is my favorite iPod design - it looks beautiful, sleek, and is the peak of "Y2K aesthetics" for me. But it's a FIRE HAZARD, the battery is literally bulging and pressing the screen out. So I just have it on a shelf, sadly going unused. :(
  • The CRT was like $60 but it looks pretty cool and great for playing Dreamcast so it was worth the price for me :) hard to find CRTs around here...