Welcome to my website, not much to say rn. 馃憤

Surface Pro 4 random info

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Here’s some random tips about the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 I have that I want to note down. Like random hotkeys and stuff.

Saving drafts

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Sometimes I have a fragment of a thought about something. Like my mind has a point to make, or I just have the idea for something slightly poetical or writing-y.

2 Opera 8 quirks with the simple layout

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I was testing this with Opera 8. I wasn’t sure which version the DSi browser was built on (my target when making this layout), so I just went for the lowest one, and a bit lower to be safe: Opera 8.

Thinking about the simple layout

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I think it’s kinda funny that I am motivated to make this alternate version, but not to actually write posts.

Simple layout, why not?

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I made an alternate, minimal version of my website. You can find it on the sidebar, or head to simple.realja.me.

馃敆馃帪锔 Cheesy Hfj: 'i am frustrated'

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“I am frustrated about being frustrated about this many things.”

Website snowstorm effect

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For the holidays, I added a simple snowing effect.

I'm joining Bookwyrm 馃摉

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I said I’ve been getting back into reading books. Now I’m on Bookwyrm, so you can keep up with what I’m reading, because I keep being lazy about writing posts for them. 馃檹

馃敆 James Somers: 'More people should write' (2012)

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That鈥檚 the promise: you will live more curiously if you write. You will become a scientist, if not of the natural world than of whatever world you care about. More of that world will pop alive. You will see more when you look at it.

Spooking Out 1 year anniversary!

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November is upon us! Did you have a good Halloween? And are you aware that Spooking Out, the 2010 Roblox game by me and a friend, is now a year old (give or take a few days)?

Writing without smarts

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I’m not (currently) a full-on writer in my eyes, but I still write a lot of blog posts, and essays in school. I’ve noticed I use writing apps that come without any “smart” features like spell check, auto correct, etc. But is it really a good thing to have?


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Can you do it? Click to Ten is a game I found on my friend’s Steam profile - he only had 1 minute of playtime, yet he told me he beat it! How can that be? Is it really that easy to click to ten?

Thoughts on corru.observer (it's very cool)

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corru.observer is a very strange website. It’s an interactive story that’s part 3D game, part visual novel, part website. Hypertext fiction at its finest.

Jailbreaking a Kindle Voyage and installing KOReader

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I love my 2014 Kindle Voyage, actively been using it for almost 10 years now. But after finding out update support ended a while ago, why not finally jailbreak it and install more open and featureful e-reader software?

Installing the latest Ruby with rbenv on Debian

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I decided to switch from running Ruby natively on Windows to WSL, because Ruby on Windows is pretty bad. Installing the rbenv tool to manage multiple versions of Ruby is simple, but in order to add (by compiling) a Ruby version, there are a few dependencies to install.

Spooking Out's Modern Roblox Port

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Hey everyone, I am proud to announce the modern Roblox port of Spooking Out! has been published to the Roblox website!

Introducing Spooking Out!

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Thumbnail image for Spooking Out! featuring the game title overlayed on a blurred background of a map from the game; a bay filled with ghosts.