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Old Roblox Wiki icon Roblox Legacy Documentation
A rehosting of the Roblox Wiki from 2012, expanded with updated documentation and resources to help people make new games for classic clients in 2023. icon
A simple textbox to instantly start writing.
Spooking Out icon Spooking Out!
A game made for the 2010 Roblox engine about catching ghosts. There's a port to modern Roblox too!
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About Me

This is the website of "realjame", AKA James, a programmer with some finished projects and a mountain of unfinished ones.

I'm primarily known for old Roblox stuff - making new games in decade-old versions of the Roblox client, or otherwise supporting such efforts. This is only the beginning 😉 I also do general programming, currently only web development, but I am interested in other fields such as desktop and homebrew software.

The blog is the main part of this site. I probably left out a couple things I've written about, after all. Care to take a read?

My Button

I have my own 88x31 gif button for this website! I would be humbled if you make use of it. If you do, please let me know, I'd love to see your site!

The button is a scene I quickly created in the old Roblox engine. I might change the button often in the future, putting the "logo" in different maps and skyboxes - right now it's just a good old baseplate and default skybox.

So on that note, if you put the button on your site, it might be a good idea for the image source to link directly to my site, instead of making a copy on your own server. So when I update it, your website will have the updated design!

Hey, I mean you can do what you want to though.