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You have found This is my website, and has a little bit of content at the moment.

In short, I do web programming. I also like making Roblox games, specifically in old versions of the engine.

Here, you'll find 3 separate blogs: a standard blog, devlogs - updates on my ongoing projects mainly through screenshots, and "daily notes" - brief, frequent writing about stuff I've learned.

It's mainly informative content, but hopefully not entirely boring (daily notes aside) and impersonal. I wish to write about the things I enjoy in a way that'll make other people appreciate them.

Of course, this website is always slowly expanding, as are my collection of projects. You can subscribe to the RSS feed and find me on social media to stay up to date.

Recent Daily Notes react web frontend ⚛️ React: When everything looks like a nail...

I've been working on as a way to dive back into the beautiful and the ugly parts of front-end web development. After a few days of work, I decided to rewrite the entire project in Svelte. Surprising? Maybe not. It's about the right tool for the job, and here, React is not it.

personal status-update roblox September Status

Day 3 of September. Things are going OK for me, I just wanted to write down here what I'm aiming for this month. Right now, I'm focusing on college applications and web development projects, so Roblox stuff will keep taking a back seat.

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