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Website snowstorm effect

For the holidays, I added a simple snowing effect.

Will people glorify the current internet in 20 years?

For the last few years, there's been low-stakes movements to rediscover the aesthetics and values that composed of the Web 1.0 era internet - that is, from the 90s to the early/mid 2000s.

Thoughts on corru.observer (it's very cool)

corru.observer is a very strange website. It's an interactive story that's part 3D game, part visual novel, part website. Hypertext fiction at its finest.

⚛️ React: When everything looks like a nail...

I've been working on textarea.site as a way to dive back into the beautiful and the ugly parts of front-end web development. After a few days of work, I decided to rewrite the entire project in Svelte. Surprising? Maybe not. It's about the right tool for the job, and here, React is not it.

Update III - A Complete Redesign

Hello, this time I don't want to write about myself too much. Just the website. I've spent almost 2 weeks now working on this big redesign, I really hope you like it!

General Update II - Hi I'm Still Here

A picture of the CRT monitor - a silver display with a fisheye glass displaying a 2012 Roblox Studio window. In this window is the classic Sword Fights on the Heights

Roblox Legacy Documentation update

Original Tweet (Mastodon)

General Update

♫ Rings Around Saturn - Photek ♫

Roblox Legacy Documentation announcement

https://twitter.com/real__jame/status/1606881776151961600 https://twitter.com/real__jame/status/1608931053820854274

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