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I'm still working hard on the farming game, but in the meanwhile, have you checked on the wiki? Now titled the Roblox Legacy Documentation!

We've kickstarted work on it in the last few weeks, and started doing a whole bunch of stuff! #Roblox #RobloxDev

An article detailing how to get the Novetus launcher installed and running. A category of pages titled "Archived pages", with 86 pages. This group is for pages that write about now-defunct classic Roblox things, mainly tutorials and components of the website and catalog. A very long article titled "Help:Contributing" to teach writers how to write new pages. In the Table of Contents: 1. Discussion 2. Getting Started 3. Things To Do 4. Page Standards 5. Editing Help A brand new section to the classic Tutorials page for "Legacy Client Tutorials", working with legacy clients in the modern day. It has 1 current tutorial entry: "Getting Started with Novetus", with the description of "Setting up and hosting places on Novetus, the multi-version legacy client launcher"


  • Archiving classic pages
  • Marking pages for improvements of specific types
  • New tutorials for working with classic stuff in the modern day!
  • Fixing broken templates (specifically broken code formatting)
  • Creating new object documentation

The "Recent Changes" special article on the Wiki, automatically listing all edits made recently. In just 1 day alone, there were over 3 dozen edits to improve pages, by the editor GuestIsJustBest! A screenshot of the Contributing help page, listing all the banner tags that editors can add on pages to mark that they need improvement, or alert users of a quality of the page (like if it is archived). A new object documentation article for the "HtmlService" service. It has a banner noting users that this feature is "non-standard" and was removed after 2007.