For the last few years, there's been low-stakes movements to rediscover the aesthetics and values that composed of the Web 1.0 era internet - that is, from the 90s to the early/mid 2000s.

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Neocities is a modern-day platform for website creation and hosting, which people commonly use for their personal, sometimes Web 1.0 themed, websites.

I find it fun, why do you think this site is here in the first place? I was inspired by stuff like this.

Throughout history, people have adored whatever was in the past, to a rose-tinted degree. Fashion seems to adore whatever was fashionable 20 years ago. And as stated, people are adoring the 20+ year old web.

But in 20 years from now, will people really be looking back on the internet we have now with admiration?

Well, maybe if the web gets even worse... which it definitely can.

Or maybe the web gets better? Which is a statement that means something different to everyone.

But we can't really predict the future, can we? Even if people do manage to glorify the late 2010s / early 2020s web, or if they don't, I bet it'll be for a reason we couldn't possibly have guessed.

For now, I'll just enjoy this wave.