Day 3 of September. Things are going OK for me, I just wanted to write down here what I'm aiming for this month. Right now, I'm focusing on college applications and web development projects, so Roblox stuff will keep taking a back seat.

I wrote on my Projects page that the new Project Micrathena will resume development this month. I hope I will find time to work on it, but it will likely be at the end of September, and not the start as hoped.

Instead, I'll be devoting most of my free time to improving at web development. It's something I've been meaning to do for a while. Essentially, learning backend web development finally, and other various frameworks (Next.js, Tailwind CSS)

I've also returned to, finally! I'm working on rewriting it in more standard frameworks and tools. The source code for the update development is here on GitHub.

I also mentioned college applications. Yes, college applications for most colleges opened on the first of this month, so I'm setting goals to complete my essay in the next few days and complete applications this month.

Also, clubs starting up in school, I'm joining a few new ones this year.

That's all I have to say. I really really really want to make Micrathena a thing. But this stuff is more important right now cuz... I need a source of income and I hope I can get something going with freelance web development. That's something that needs to happen now, not later. I also don't want to forget about college applications, that's why I'm trying to be on point about it.

I'm writing in circles now, so I'm ending it here. Stay tuned for more info. And hey look, I'm writing as promised! The daily notes, I think, will be really helpful for writing less formal posts compared to the blog.