Setting up a remote control / web UI for my 3D printer was a game changer, I regret doing this sooner. Give OctoPrint a try!

Do you think 3D printing is cool? My dad bought a 3D printer for the both of us last year, but it went mostly unused due to some issues with calibration and also just, kinda getting lazy.

But I set everything up again, and somehow, after doing nothing but collect dust for 4 months, it prints better than when I was actively calibrating. Oh well.

It's cool, the ability to just m a k e things without any effort. Anyways, yeah, OctoPrint is neat. I plugged the printer into my home server, along with a webcam, and (combined with Tailscale) can check in on my printer and remotely start or cancel prints from anywhere.

Screenshot of my OctoPrint web UI, displaying a live recording of my 3D printer doing nothing

Check the OctoPrint website for more info and an installation guide: