Hey, check out Livakivi on YouTube.

He makes videos about a few topics, such as learning Japanese, learning art, working out, etc. But at their core, he makes videos about self-improvement and working to be better, to expand your mind and body every day.

I was very, very inactive not only on the blog, but on all projects and skills I'm learning in November and part of December. What helped me get back into the swing of things and with better disclipine was his videos.

Mainly, these two:

He does also make videos about whatever, like reviewing a mechanical keyboard (An Honest Review of the Lofree Flow) or renovating an old Soviet store into an house. Livakivi's channel is a very blog type of channel, if that makes sense.

I don't even do weightlifting (I probably should) and Japanese (though I am learning Italian), but I greatly appreciate the way he describes that core topic, self-improvement. There are lots of resources online for getting better, but being able to see someone's growth across weeks, months, even years, told to you in a very personal way, reassures me in a way books, news articles, and other sources don't.