I thought to write something about this because someone on Mastodon noted it in a post: the nights in Florida are growing cold. He wrote a thread that I'd like to share, about a change in pace for the place I live.

R🎃B 🏳️‍🌈 RMiddleton.art (@[email protected]) Sep 29:

In wonderful news my window is open and air that’s around 20C / 69F is breezing its way in. That makes me very happy. Window is still open. All day the breeze has been terrific. I live in Florida! (Northeast) October-April can be really wonderful here. (Strictly talking about weather. The people and the government are atrocious.)

Sep 30:

Another day in the comfort zone of no heat & no AC. I probably won’t continue to post every cool and comfortable day in a toot, but I am noting them in my calendar. It’s a form of gratitude journaling. There is a lot I don’t like about my building, town, county, state, and nation. If it were easy I would live elsewhere with no hesitation. Reminding myself of what feels good about here helps.

Oct 1:

Since I’m feeling kinda down today I’ll return to the comfortable weather. The breezes continue. Windows open for at least the last 72 hours here in northeast Florida. It’s 6:45 pm and I just decided I need socks to warm my tootsies. (Going barefoot at home is my preference for keeping cool during summer.) The weather cycle happens every year and every year it’s a pleasant surprise!

Oh! Also today my bed received a cover for the first time since May. My summer bedding is cool sheets only. (I don’t use AC any more than I have to.)

And finally Oct 6, where I saw the post:

Going on one week of 24/7 fully open windows, no heat or AC, here in northeast Florida (Jacksonville). I like keeping track of this info so I am entering Perfect Weather as an all day event into my calendar, set to repeat yearly. Next year I can compare. View through open glass sliding door of moon over St Johns River and City of Jacksonville, Florida

Amazing! I actually happen to live near Jacksonville, so I opened my window at night and...

I relished as the elusive chill filled my room. That was one of the best nights of sleep I've had in years.

It makes me think back to Washington. After all, cold like that is the norm, not relegated to a few weeks or months a year.

I hope to move back someday. However long it will take.

Night photo of a row of tall trees in the darkness, along with a few lights from distant houses

Things are tolerable for a change, but for how long?

Weather forecast for my location. Slowly, the days are spiking back up to a high of 88 degrees Fahrenheit.
Almost 90 degrees... just what I wanted. At least the nights will still be somewhat cold.