Saving drafts

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Sometimes I have a fragment of a thought about something. Like my mind has a point to make, or I just have the idea for something slightly poetical or writing-y.

And I would just let it go, because… I don’t know, actually. Probably I didn’t care enough to write it down when I got the opportunity too.

I decided yesterday to just start writing these down. I already journal a little bit, but I feel like writing down these thoughts is something important I should do.

And why is that, exactly? I don’t know. I just wanna post more often, both here and on Mastodon, and I want to post more writing-y posts of all kinds; like just talking about stuff, or more poetical artsy kind of things. You’ll see, I suppose. Actually, I’ll see too, because I have no idea what exactly will happen as a result of this, lol.

So if I have a thought that feels like a post, I open my Mastodon app, I write it, and I click save as draft. And it’s saved.1 If I can’t do that at the moment, I write it down whenever I can!

I’m also writing down drafts for blog posts finally, so that will be good too.2

  1. What’s the deal with drafts in Mastodon, actually? Megalodon, the app I use, has them, but not the web UI. Kinda makes me worried that I might lose my drafts one day because they’re entirely local… ↩︎

  2. This post was originally a draft I wrote on my phone yesterday! ↩︎