Why I'm using the (unofficial) Youtube Music desktop app

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Maybe it’s weird I use YouTube Music in the first place? lol

Why I use YT Music

I use YouTube Music because of my family’s shared subscription to Premium, which is pretty nice.

I like this streaming service a lot for how much more fluid the queue here feels compared to Spotify - easier to add and rearrange songs in your own queue without having to make a playlist. Plus, the ability to play song uploads on YouTube means it has a wider selection than other standard music streaming platforms.

Desktop app

No such thing. At least officially. And the web app does the job, but I discovered that there is an open source, 3rd party desktop app which is pretty nice after using it for a while!

It’s just the web app wrapped in an Electron window. But still! Pretty nice for these basic features:

So if you might be interested in this, give it a try.

Youtube Music Desktop on GitHub

It would be nice if Google released an official desktop app, but I bet it wouldn’t have Discord integration unless they decide to team up like Spotify did. That would be swag!