Project Micrathena

Started September 2023, but it'll be here eventually...

Something entirely new, created in the late 2009 Roblox engine.

Legacy Roblox Wiki

Active since December 2022

A rehosting of the Roblox Wiki from 2012, expanded with updated documentation and resources to help people make new games for classic clients in 2023.

Active since November 2021

This website is a project in itself. It's been on and off, but so far its endured 3 comprehensive redesigns and expansions. It currently has 3 post feeds - a blog, devlogs, and "daily notes". By September 2023, posting should finally be active and consistent.
This website is made using Jekyll, a static site generator tool.

Spooking Out

Complete! | September - November 2022

Spooking Out is a Halloween game made for 2010 Roblox by me and a friend. It's a simple arcade-style game about working together to catch ghosts in various maps. A simple game, but we had a lot of fun making it and playing it with the community on release :)
It was submitted for the Novetus Halloween game contest, and we won!!!!!!! Our game is now bundled with Novetus as a default map.
I also ported it to modern Roblox, adding controller/Xbox/mobile support and badges.

August - November 2022, September - October 2023

Textarea is an auto-saving textbox website. It's intentionally simple - only plain text, and only the 1 page. When you reopen the site, anything previously written will remain. Great for taking quick notes.
I rewrote the site in a new framework in September to make it much lighter, along with add some features. It does the job, so no need to keep adding to it.

Untitled farming game for 2012 Roblox

April - June 2023

This was planned to be a new game for the 2012 Roblox engine. Gameplay is divided into peaceful Stardew Valley inspired gameplay of farming, decorating your farm, etc. and part roguelike-style exploring wild forests to collect materials. Make money to level up your farm, and a whole lot more ideas and plans. However, the game suffered intense scope creep, and I got burned out from development (especially in the later 2 months) and shelved it. I'd still like to make it, though.

2010 Roblox prototype experiments

January - April 2023

I was experimenting with random game ideas while trying to think of something to make with other Novetus creators. None really seemed like "the one", but the lava one could make for a simple fun game to be made in a weekend.