2 Opera 8 quirks with the simple layout

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I was testing this with Opera 8. I wasn’t sure which version the DSi browser was built on (my target when making this layout), so I just went for the lowest one, and a bit lower to be safe: Opera 8.

Thinking about the simple layout

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I think it’s kinda funny that I am motivated to make this alternate version, but not to actually write posts.

Simple layout, why not?

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I made an alternate, minimal version of my website. You can find it on the sidebar, or head to simple.realja.me.

Website snowstorm effect

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For the holidays, I added a simple snowing effect.

Thoughts on corru.observer (it's very cool)

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corru.observer is a very strange website. It’s an interactive story that’s part 3D game, part visual novel, part website. Hypertext fiction at its finest.