(Video Draft) Full introduction to classic Roblox gamedev with Novetus

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A tutorial on making a game in the 2009 Roblox engine from scratch. It’s the script draft for a video I plan to make.

Spooking Out 1 year anniversary!

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November is upon us! Did you have a good Halloween? And are you aware that Spooking Out, the 2010 Roblox game by me and a friend, is now a year old (give or take a few days)?

Spooking Out's Modern Roblox Port

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Hey everyone, I am proud to announce the modern Roblox port of Spooking Out! has been published to the Roblox website!

Introducing Spooking Out!

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Thumbnail image for Spooking Out! featuring the game title overlayed on a blurred background of a map from the game; a bay filled with ghosts.