Spooking Out 1 year anniversary!

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November is upon us! Did you have a good Halloween? And are you aware that Spooking Out, the 2010 Roblox game by me and a friend, is now a year old (give or take a few days)?

We have no idea if it’s been hosted and played by other people independently in this time. But a few weeks ago, my friend hosted a server for it, and people still like the game!

2010 Roblox screenshot of several players standing around in the Spooking Out lobby map

Meanwhile, the modern Roblox port now has 134 visits at the time of writing, and 10 favorites. Neat, for something that has had 0 promotion or anything shortly after release.

Looking back, it was really fun to make. It’s kinda unfortunate I haven’t had the motivation to finish a project since, but I swear that Micrathena’s first alpha is 99.99% done and I have tons of plans for what to add next. 🙏

And about playing Spooking Out now… I feel like the instructions I gave in the original blog post are lackluster. I’ve actually been working on the Roblox Legacy Documentation project again, so hopefully we can start improving the site more and getting some good guides about how to play Novetus, host it, find maps, and maybe even showcase community content on the site, too…

OK, that’s all. Have a good day!

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