I'm joining Bookwyrm ๐Ÿ“–

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I said I’ve been getting back into reading books. Now I’m on Bookwyrm, so you can keep up with what I’m reading, because I keep being lazy about writing posts for them. ๐Ÿ™

If you want to follow me:

What is Bookwyrm?

Bookwyrm is a social network for books (like Goodreads). So you can catalogue all your books on the website, give reviews and status updates, it’s pretty cool! So far, it’s been motivating me to read a little more, so that’s nice.

Unlike Goodreads, it’s free of corporations, and is designed to link up with services that use ActivityPub such as Mastodon. Bookwyrm is very good at filling a need I didn’t even know I had!

Getting on Bookwyrm

It was pretty easy to create an account. Bookwyrm is tiny in comparison to the 10+ million user strong Mastodon, so nearly everyone is on the main instance, bookwyrm.social. About 15,000 people, to be specific.

Anyways, account’s done. A nice feature I discovered is that you can import your books and reviews from Goodreads, or other places. I was able to import what’s in my Calibre library, so after fixing a few books missing their cover, my whole personal library is here.

My Bookwyrm profile page, showing the books I plan to read, are currently reading, and have read. Plus my latest post, a status update on a book I’m reading.

Maybe I’ll make posts out of my reviews, as well as make more Bookwyrm posts if it keeps being interesting.

See you tomorrow,

- jame