🔗 James Somers: 'More people should write' (2012)

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That’s the promise: you will live more curiously if you write. You will become a scientist, if not of the natural world than of whatever world you care about. More of that world will pop alive. You will see more when you look at it.

Read it: https://jsomers.net/blog/more-people-should-write

Fantastic, inspiring post. I’ve kept journals the whole year because of this, and I won’t stop.

Writing, being able to format and output thoughts in your mind, is one of the most effective tools for better valuing and reflecting on each day that goes by.

Writing needn’t be a formal enterprise to have this effect. You don’t have to write well. You don’t even have to “write,” exactly — you can just talk onto the page.

Walk around with a pen and a scrap of paper. Write some meaty emails. Engage more intensely with this place.

I want to write more posts. I have a few topics to write about, so this might push me to do it.