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Posts tagged with "Tech" are entirely nerd stuff, and posts tagged with "Thought" are not.

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Recent notes

🔗🎞️ Cheesy Hfj: 'i am frustrated'

I am frustrated about being frustrated about this many things.

I'm frustrated about how many days I've spent feeling frustrated. I could have spent that time talking with my good friend, or taking a walk through neighborhood, or creating pieces of stunning, incredible art.

While thinking of all the reasons that make me frustrated, I started to get frustrated... funny how that stuff works out.

🔗 Livakivi, a cool and motivating YouTube channel

Hey, check out Livakivi on YouTube.

Website snowstorm effect

For the holidays, I added a simple snowing effect.

I'm joining Bookwyrm 📖

I said I've been getting back into reading books. Now I'm on Bookwyrm, so you can keep up with what I'm reading, because I keep being lazy about writing posts for them. 🙏


Hope it was a good one. I know mine was. ❤️

Reading this month

I've been reading a bit every day this month, so I'll be blogging each week about the books. I'll say more in the first week's article, but I try to find books I've never heard of and seem interesting when I'm at the library.

Wanna cut down on phone usage? Try a smartwatch!

Buy an expensive companion for your phone, and that'll lead you to use your phone less? It sounds like an oxymoron. But after over a month of using my Google Pixel Watch, it seems to be true!

Will people glorify the current internet in 20 years?

For the last few years, there's been low-stakes movements to rediscover the aesthetics and values that composed of the Web 1.0 era internet - that is, from the 90s to the early/mid 2000s.

🔗 James Somers: 'More people should write' (2012)

That’s the promise: you will live more curiously if you write. You will become a scientist, if not of the natural world than of whatever world you care about. More of that world will pop alive. You will see more when you look at it.

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