Hey everyone! Apologies for not writing much - it's still hard getting into the whole blogging thing - how much do I post or not post? How brief should I be? Do people even care?

I've settled on being brief, and I don't necessarily care about how many people are viewing, just that at least someone out there does. And I know there are people that do!

With that said, here's a quick update post for 2 web projects in the works, and some ideas for future old Roblox stuff:


I'll write a full blog post announcing it when I update it more. But essentially, this website is a simple web app that does 1 thing and tries to do it well: a textbox.

Just a textbox. It automatically saves, so you can quickly pull it up at anytime just by loading the website. My friends have found it really useful in the past for a wide variety of things; I hope you do too!

It's live right now. Has been, for a while. Check it out here!

A Firefox screenshot of textarea.site with the contents of "Pretty nifty, huh? I'm still working on some fixes and additions." Source code is on Github.


If you use Discord, you've probably seen fxtwitter links. It's a basic server that provides clean embeds of Twitter videos and other info, which the embeds of twitter.com crucially lack. I decided to make a clone of it for Reddit links.

It's not acually that big an issue, at least for me and my friends, we don't post many Reddit links. But it's still an annoyance when we do, and I think other people could also benefit from this.

It's barely even a prototype right now, but I'm working on it occasionally. (Source is on GitHub)

A reddit.com embed on Discord.
The problem I need to fix; the video player isn't native, and the karma and OP aren't shown. (On mobile, there is no video player.)

Old Roblox stuff

Nothing has been done yet, but I've been thinking of a couple things in the last few days.

  • A game design video about a famous classic place's secret strength, which most old places don't tap into. 🍕👥
  • A wiki with extensive documentation of the old engine: using the archived old Roblox wiki from Wayback Machine as a base, and then modernized and expanded to fill in the gaps and more.
  • A new game. I'm still brainstorming ideas, but I'd like to make another soon.

Thanks for reading my blog! Stay tuned!