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Hey there. It's been months since my last article, but I'm finally back. First, let's dive into what's changed around here.

Website revamps


I have a soft spot for websites with a tiled background, as long as it's pleasing. This one in particular is a starry night from old Roblox. It's a gif recording of it, I adore the subtle color changing animation it has in-game.

The content of the website itself is a slight bit more colorful, with a bluish tint to the text, white borders, and a rounded black edge to the header (shamelessly copied from GNOME).

Light theme also has these changes. Plus, backgrounds of tables and code blocks look much lighter now, instead of a weird shade of gray.

The website is wider on medium-sized displays (between 1200 and 1500 pixels wide) and the mobile display now affects up to 1200 pixel wide displays.

Icons are properly centered now.


The website no longer uses fancy symbols for quotes. Nobody was complaining before, but I think this was a good idea so it's easier to use excerpts of my blog posts in other places. Essentially, quotes now show up as " and not the pair of rounded quotes, . Single quotes too, ' instead of . Currently, I cannot figure out how to prevent ellipsis ... from turning fancy. Sorry!

4/8/23 update: Never mind, I figured it out!!!

New font - PT Sans. Looks far better than Trebuchet MS, in my opinion.

And the website's font is also bigger, so hopefully you won't need to zoom in for a better experience.


The website finally has a favicon (that little icon next to this website's tab in your browser). It's the symbol on various Roblox brand imagery throughout the site, such as concept art, badges, and most notably the "Bloxxer Cap" hat, which my Roblox character has owned and worn for over 10 years now.

The title now displays the title of the page, not just "". Though the top of blog posts look a bit empty now, so I might do something about that.

The website is also on now. If you don't know what Wiby is, I should write a blog post about it, but in sum it's a search engine for Web 1.0 websites. Pages are submitted manually so I'm gonna start submitting my website's pages to there. I've already had the home page on Wiby for a while now.

Home page

The home page has been shuffled around a bit. The Recent Posts section is on top (because that may be why you're checking regularly unless you're cool and use RSS), then Quick Links, then the About Me at the bottom., the old Roblox Wiki rehosting/expansion project, has been added to the Quick Links. My Twitter and Mastodon links as well (redundant, but it has a lot of content there that isn't anywhere else so it's fairly important).

88x31 buttons

I also added some good old 88x31 buttons to the home page, they link to my favorite personal sites. They're either my inspiration, invaluable resources for creating a website, or are just really cool all in all. My good friend Nick64 has an awesome site, check that one out especially.

And by the way... I MADE A BUTTON FOR THE SITE! I'll quote what I wrote on the home page about it.

I have my own 88x31 gif button for this website! I would be humbled if you make use of it. If you do, please let me know, I'd love to see your site!

The button is a scene I quickly created in the old Roblox engine. I might change the button often in the future, putting the "logo" in different maps and skyboxes - right now it's just a good old baseplate and default skybox.

So on that note, if you put the button on your site, it might be a good idea for the image source to link directly to my site, instead of making a copy on your own server. So when I update it, your website will have the updated design!

Hey, I mean you can do what you want to though.

And then you can add it to your site with this HTML code:


The blog index page has a "tag cloud" so you can filter by specific topics. I kinda had filtering before but it was a lot more unwieldy to use. Plus, there will be a lot more blog posts in the near future, so filtering will be useful!

Future blog posts?

I've been planning to write these blog posts for a very long time, but due to multiple reasons (mostly laziness) I never got around to it. No promises, but that should be changing now.

Here's the topics I guaranteed want to make into blog posts (I'll update them into links when they get written):

  • Announcing the Old Roblox Wiki rehosting project (link)
  • The beginning of and being invited to the Novetus Creative Team (making old Roblox games "in-house" for the launcher as a small team)
  • A modern Roblox project I spent a lot of time working on in 2021 but gave up on
  • A 2nd failed project for modern Roblox that came before it
  • My thoughts on something I've been thinking of acquiring for a while, it's mentioned in this article (if you want to spoil the surprise...?)
  • Can a YouTube channel and a blog coexist?
  • Making a ChatGPT plugin for old Roblox: because Roblox is putting AI in modern Studio, two can play at that game :troll: (mastodon alt)
  • Modding a USB-C port onto a Nintendo DSi

Welcome back...

Okay, you might have been wondering why I've been inactive. I'm lazy, alright? Clean and simple. I've been growing content with sitting in my room, doing nothing, but just watching YouTube videos and scrolling Twitter, essentially. That's not the whole story, but the most important part is that I've been mostly inactive with things. Or even if I am making an effort, it's small, and barely productive. Life's been catching me by too; homework is piling up as we get closer to school ending, and family stuff (nothing bad, don't worry.)

What I'm saying is that I need to snap back and start being regularly productive. Nothing's going to fall into my lap and fix this for me. So I've been making small changes in my lifestyle to put me on a better trajectory. One thing is getting onto a normal sleep schedule. I always found myself having some work I want to do that makes me stay up way late; now, I get it done in the afternoon instead of wasting that time scrolling the internet.

I also am reducing screen time usage on my phone, and the biggest thing is keeping my phone in a different room when I go to sleep, so I don't immediately pull it out when I wake up.

Last thing is going on a short walk daily on my free days off to take breaks from looking at screens, and reading books as well. I plan to post book reviews, basically just my thoughts on books right after finishing it (with no background knowledge on the book or how it was reviewed/critiqued by others). I've found some interesting books at the library and various thrift stores.

A collection of things laid out: The Catcher in the Rye, "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff at Work" book, "Complete Idiot's Guide to Windows Me" book, "Teach yourself CGI Programming in a Week" book, "Coyote Waits" book, "Web 2.0: New Tools, New Schools" book, a pocket Italian dictionary, Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree for Wii, an insect nature puzzle, and an orca whale plush.
Thrifting haul!

I'm also reading some self-help books to help me "learn how to learn".

My current backlog is:

  • Coyote Waits by Tony Hillerman
  • 1984 by George Orwell
  • Catcher in the Rye by J. D. Salinger
  • How to Read a Book by Mortimer J. Adler and Charles Van Doren, audiobook narrated by Edward Holland
  • Make It Stick by Peter C. Brown
  • Annihilation by Jeff Vandermeer
  • Four Thousand Weeks: Time Management for Mere Mortals by Mark Manson
  • Deep Work by Cal Newport
  • How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie
  • Atomic Habits by James Clear

By the way, I would like to add a new section to the site, a gallery list of all these books (and games, shows, movies, etc?) I've consumed and written about. Like here on Twelve Men or on Nick64's site. Each picture of a book cover in the gallery would act as a button linking to their review post.

My "To-Develop" List

Because I'm sure you liked the first list of promised blog posts so much, enjoy another list of all the stuff I'm currently developing or plan to develop.

  • This website! My work is never done with writing blog posts and new pages, as well as revamping and theming it further.
  • Improving and extending the Old Roblox Wiki
  • fxreddit: like fxtwitter, for Reddit videos!
  • A new game for old Roblox
  • ChatGPT plugin for old Roblox, and many more plugins in the future!
  • Novetus Web Proxy for Linux, as the feature does not work under Wine. I want to adapt that component of the launcher into a native Linux program, so I can play games that use assets linking directly to Roblox servers without issues.

The next old Roblox game

I was invited to the Novetus Creative Team back when it was started in December 2022. Since then, we have published 0 games and made no announcements for planned projects.


That doesn't mean we're not trying! We're currently in something of a drought in terms of a definitive game we're all putting our energy into. In these few months, we've had tons and tons of game ideas and prototypes we're working through, and the whole team is still on good morale because we all share the love of old Roblox game development.

Stay tuned for more.

One more thing

I got a CRT monitor a week or two ago.

Image of the monitor.
Compaq MV5500 from 2002.

I've been interested in getting one for a while, just to try it out and see. Finally, I decided to do it. So I got this one off Facebook Marketplace.

As promised earlier, I'll write a blog post about it soon, but in short: was it worth it? Ehh... I'm not getting rid of it though, for a few reasons I'll write in the article.


My apologies for the inactivity. Though, should I be more apologizing to myself, because my inactivity here probably ensures no one but my close friends will read this?

Either way, I'm ready to get going... for myself, and for any future readers.

That's all I have for now. Thank you so much for reading!

A DnB song for you - Rings Around Saturn by Photek